Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wall Breaker Water Cannon

A British company has invented a new weapon for use in the war against terror which uses ordinary water cooler bottles as ammunition.

The plastic bottles of water, which are used in coolers in thousands of offices and shops up and down the country, become powerful missiles when fired from the Wall Breaker cannon.

The tough plastic bottles can knock through double layer walls to break into hostage situations or other terror situations.

Inventors BCB International, based in Cardiff, say the strong bottles are perfect missiles because there are so many available wherever police or military are near buildings.

The company invented a wide air cannon to fire the water bottles 300 metres a second to break into buildings.

Company spokesman Jonathan Dell said: 'Our system uses compressed air and it fires a a big bottle of water at the target.

'That impact from a bottle can smash through a double layer breeze-block wall.

'What’s great about using water is that the casing shatters and it just sprays out.

'It means security teams are much closer to the point of entry, giving them vital seconds.'

'Security teams and counter-terrorism officers often use explosives but if you’re trying to rescue a hostage, that’s pretty dangerous.'

The company used ordinary plastic cooler bottles full of water, each weighing 22Kg, in tests.

When shot out of the pneumatic cannon, the everyday office items turn into powerful projectiles easily strong enough to punch a hole in a hostage-takers wall.

Mr Dell said: 'They are more than capable of ripping through everything from walls to transit vans.'

The firm have already sold the system to security forces and the military in a number of countries including the USA and Thailand.

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