Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January sales Beijing style!

This pair of Chinese 'human snails' look like they've snapped up some cracking bargains during the January sales.

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Loaded sky high with office chairs and furniture they laugh and joke, to the visible gasps of onlookers, as they weave their heavy-load around the streets of Beijing.

But three-wheeling is not the preferred mode of transport for the delivery drivers who are actually forced to take to their tricycles during the day.

Beijing's banning of motorised delivery during daylight hours is just one of a series of measures introduced in 2008 and designed to cut down congestion in the Chinese capital.

Drivers of the city's five million cars are banned from taking to the road one day per week, depending on the final digit of their license plate, and only 20,000 licenses are issued each month.

Luckily the pair did not suffer the same fate as Fei Lin, 35, who shot up skywards when huge bags of rice strapped to the back of his trike slipped and catapulted him into the air.

Lin suffered the accident when his overloaded bike protested at its massive load in Xian, Shaanxi province, in December.

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