Wednesday, 25 May 2011

E-mail Addresses for eBay

How frustrating it is these days in trying to resolve issues with eBay; they make it more difficult to contact them either by telephone or email as they fail to display such info on their site...anyway, found these for your information:

UK Customer Support

Tel: 0800 3586551

eBay UK Community and Support Development Manager,
posts on UK Discussion boards
remove your credit card from eBay's billing system
request the merging of two accounts into one
Henry posts on UK Discussion boards
posts on UK Discussion boards
Customer Support Manager
posts on UK Discussion boards
for investigation of misuse of the eBay system
forward spoof emails to eBay for investigation
Billing questions
Discussion Board Violations
UK Buyer Protection
Report items you believe are illegal or break eBay Listing Policies
For Fraud Reports
Mr Lister Problems
UK Suggestion Box
to contact eBay's customer support staff for assistance
Report copied Auction listings or Pictures
Billpoint queries

Note a number of these e-mail addresses are going to be withdrawn in the near future, you will then have to use the Support WebForms

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