Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

They are puffy, itchy and red. Mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are probably the most annoying thing about the summer months. But guess what? I haven't gotten a mosquito bite in years. An no, I'm not agoraphobic, Here are my tips for repelling mosquitos.

The first thing to realize is that mosquitoes find their targets not only using their sight, but our heat and smell as well. Peak mosquito times are dusk until dawn so, if at all possible, limit your outdoor physical activity during that time. This way, they probably won't notice you from a distance.

Don't use perfumes during summer months. Avoid scented lotion and soaps, too, if you can. Both of those items come in non-scented forms. Sweet smells attract not just mosquitoes but many varieties of bugs, and sweating just makes the smells stronger to them.

It is better to wear light colors during the daytime; dark colors in these hours attracts mosquitoes. Also, studies have been done that say mosquitoes prefer blue and green, so try pink, yellow or orange.

If you're going hiking or going out at night, wear long sleves and pants to create a barrier between you and the bloodsucker.

Mosquitoes are not just attracted to the smell of blood. Their favorites are heat, perspiration, carbon dioxide and lactic acid. All four are released when exercising, so try to exercise inside if you can or at least not during peak mosquito hours. Lactic acid can also be released after eating certain foods, particularly potassium rich foods.

Remember: If you use bug sprays, try to use ones that are DEET free. The active chemical absorbs into skin and could cause rashes or skin irritation. Natural, essential oil versions are available at many stores.

To keep the insect out of your house, you have a few options.

Gardeners plant certain flowers and herbs to keep mosquitoes away; marigolds, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, daisies, garlic, allspice, cedar, and lemon grass naturally repel insects.

To keep the bugs from getting in, make sure there are no rips or holes in your window or door screens.

It's true. Mosquitoes love water. Make sure there is no standing water near your house. Culprits can be puddles, old tires, clogged gutters, bird baths, etc.

Keep a fan on. Mosquitoes prefer still air.

E-mail Addresses for eBay

How frustrating it is these days in trying to resolve issues with eBay; they make it more difficult to contact them either by telephone or email as they fail to display such info on their site...anyway, found these for your information:

UK Customer Support

Tel: 0800 3586551

eBay UK Community and Support Development Manager,
posts on UK Discussion boards
remove your credit card from eBay's billing system
request the merging of two accounts into one
Henry posts on UK Discussion boards
posts on UK Discussion boards
Customer Support Manager
posts on UK Discussion boards
for investigation of misuse of the eBay system
forward spoof emails to eBay for investigation
Billing questions
Discussion Board Violations
UK Buyer Protection
Report items you believe are illegal or break eBay Listing Policies
For Fraud Reports
Mr Lister Problems
UK Suggestion Box
to contact eBay's customer support staff for assistance
Report copied Auction listings or Pictures
Billpoint queries

Note a number of these e-mail addresses are going to be withdrawn in the near future, you will then have to use the Support WebForms

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Rollercoaster Designed to Kill Humanely

It’s a ride definitely not for the faint-hearted—a PhD candidate in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art has designed a hypothetical rollercoaster meant to kill.

Julijonas Urbonas created his coaster as a hypothetical euthanasia machine; it will, he claims, take lives as humanely and euphorically as possible.

“Riding the coaster’s track, the rider is subjected to a series of intensive motion elements that induce various unique experiences: from euphoria to thrill, and from tunnel vision to loss of consciousness and, eventually, death,” he wrote on his website.

The 500-meter structure is designed to kill its rider from cerebral hypoxia, or a lack of oxygen supply to the brain.

Urbonas said he was inspired to create the rollercoaster by a quote from John Allen, former president of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company: “The ultimate rollercoaster is built when you send out 24 people and they all come back dead. This could be done, you know.”
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